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Music is more than just the soundtrack to our lives.  It is the only universal language.  It does not discriminate.  It cares not for race, sex, creed or politics.  It only cares for you.  It makes you feel.  It awakens your passions, imagination and emotions.  Music can create whole worlds inside of you and all around you.

This is how we feel when we create.  Hopefully, it is how you feel when you listen.

This musical journey that we call Draven has accompanied us through the darkest times.  Times which everyone can relate to.  Times in which this band, this entity was born, out into the light to which everyone aspires!

From our inception, to our epic crazy tour

of the Far East (epic for all the wrong reasons!) to joining and then helping to establish the 'scene'  and finally creating and releasing the Kevin Shirley (our hero) produced debut EDEN, we gave 110% of everything we had to give.  Draven was there through break ups, break downs, reunions, trauma and successful acheivent.  Draven was also the cause of many of these things!! 

This beast has been sleeping for a while.  But now it awakens!

Welcome to The Blitz!

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